As a confirmed dinosaur, I am still using version 5. I am about to upgrade my computer (finally) to a more modern one, complete with plenty of RAM, a TB hard drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. The problem is, the new computer has a SATA HD interface, and my old one is IDE, so I can't hook up the old hard drive to the new computer. I still have my install CD, but am wondering what files I need to save on a USB thumb drive to make the installation easier. I have already transferred the Databases folder and the Patches folder to the thumb drive, but don't know if this will do it. I realize there are issues with fonts, etc., and am prepared to deal with those. Once I install the new computer, I intend to clear the old HD and dispose of the old unit, so I don't want to be left up the proverbial creek.