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Thread: BibleWorks for Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBushell View Post
    Just today we released a pre-release version of BbleWorks 9 that runs on a Mac. It installs like any other Mac app and does not require Windows or any emulator package...
    ...What has changed is that we now support Mac installations officially. Before it was just a favor done for people who wanted to switch to a Mac but just couldn't live without their BibleWorks...
    Please, allow me to be the first to say, "WOW!"
    Although, I am not a Mac user this is terrific news. I will now recommend BibleWorks9 to all my Mac friend users and should I ever decided to switch to Apple I am happy to know I will be able to use BibleWorks!

    I also love the changes made to the BIBLEWORKS' website!

    Grace and Peace,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Cobb View Post
    Will definitely do so. Is it worthwhile submitting current problems to whomever? (And if so, to whom?)

    Donald Cobb
    I should correct everything that I have said on this subject. The new Mac installation of BW does not run on Crossover and Crossover does not have to be installed. It is a nativeMac app that uses modified Wine libraries which we commissioned CodeWeavers (the creaters of CrossOver) to produce for use with BibleWorks. It is a native Mac application but not one produced by a complete code rewrite. Even BibleWorks on a PC (an any other program for that matter) uses libraries of subroutines to interface with the OS. The Mac version of BW just uses a different set of libraries to enable it to run on a Mac.

    This is proving to be confusing for some people (me included). But I hope this helps.


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