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Thread: Related verses tool PRINTING and OTHER versions - HOPE U can HELP

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    Default Related verses tool PRINTING and OTHER versions - HOPE U can HELP

    I am trying to use the related verses tool
    working well to find lists (using Greek BGT) N.Testament texts to start off with

    then i can generate a GK list of bible verses and ALSO ADD to this other find's from outside the NT in the 'same language'

    My questions are these:

    1. How can I also see the relevant texts from the list's found (for example some texts in Philo / NT books / Septuagint etc) IN an ENGLISH translation also ?

    2. How can I print my final list (with all the translations involved English and GK) to a word doc.

    Sorry I know these are hard questions but hopfully someone can help

    ta P.

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    The Related Verses Tool is not designed to view the texts in multiple languages. You can view them only one at a time. You can change the display version after you look up the related verses, so that you can alternate between Greek and English. But both languages will not display at the same time.
    The only way you could view multiple languages together would be to set up multiple versions in your browse window. After you get a list of verses in the Related Verses Tool, you can double click on a reference, and it will display in your browse window in all the versions you chose to display. But, if you switch between biblical verses and references in Philo (for example), you would not be able to view both the Bible verse and the verse in Philo in the same browse window.
    If you want to print the list, you would have to copy and paste all the verses you want in all the versions you want from the browse window into the BW editor or MS Word or another word processor. I do not know any shorter way to do this.
    I hope this helps a bit.
    Mark Eddy
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    Default thanks

    thanks Mark

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    I installed this patch over the weekend and today (monday) we had several printer issues. No BSOD but lots of strange issues with prints coming out wrong or just blank. I'm hoping this issnaptube vidmate related!
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