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Thread: Ways of remembering verses in the bible, and making a working search engine to aid.

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    Default Ways of remembering verses in the bible, and making a working search engine to aid.

    I'm working on the development of what is the best bible search tool on the web.

    Imagine searching through the bible, between verses. and you have the capabilities to search "in the beginning of the verses" "ending with" "this order" "these words" and "exact phrase".

    Another capability is that you can search wildcardly *beginning end* *both*.
    (also ability to choose length of wildcards).

    One option is that you can have optional words in between the words searched for. (or if you forget the whole ending or beginning which you search for).

    Right now im making the ability to use a logical "or".

    We can search between/through verses and choose ranges.

    So we have logical "and", "or". And "maybe", "probably" and "almost". The final approach could be "perhaps you mean't like this"; as like google suggestions "did you mean".

    Would anyone have any ideas that stretch beyond these ways and capabilities ?

    In bibleworks i understand it have some quite advanced search capability as well, but to what extent is it used?

    Here you may see the search tool

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    Default Automatic paraphrase and semantic alternative rewriter.

    New autocompleter function have also been implemented, use "," to implement for multiple words. for example: Love, Beloved
    Words of the complete kjv have also been added. And other language bibles can be added by requirement (contact the developer).

    A paraphrase editor have been added, and for now there is 3 levels.
    Strategy for the pharaphrases haven't been completely formed, but there is 3 alternatives for level 1, 3 for level 2 and 4 for level 3.
    One plan is to have level 1 as obvious equality to words. For example God, Lord
    Level 2 to be "almost". And level 3 More distinctive.
    In the future sharable functions will be implemented, and further group operations.
    Plans also exist of turning this search engine into a working bible a.i.
    This plan would require more data and usages. Tell people about it.
    A more possible future function is equal to google suggest "did you mean".
    But for now it will be automated.
    I request of you assistance; generate paraphrase lists of choice.
    The possibilities of having a fully grown/understanding bible search engine exists.
    We can in one possibility add former languages to be rewritten for searches so that the engine could become more understanding to the earlier generations.
    Different dialects, languages, and personalized lists.
    When people start to use it, i will also implement export and import functions.
    If you have made a list of words outside the site that may be paraphrased, please contact me.
    Here you may find the editor:
    Appart from these improvements, new logic operator have been added in order to form a complete logical search language.
    The recent change have been the implementation of "or" operator. Which is "|"; example: God|Lord
    I pray that you cooperate in order to generate the very best working solution of biblical search engine.

    Thank you

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