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Thread: Video: BibleWorks 9 running on a Windows 8 tablet PC

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    Default Works on my machine! Bibleworks on Windows 8 and Office 2013

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm a Microsoft employee in the Office division

    I have been using BibleWorks 8 on a Windows 8 machine with Office 2013 installed for some time with no issues whatsoever. All works well.

    That said, the issue with fonts and OneNote still obtains (unfortunately). That is, copying Grk and Heb over from BibleWorks to OneNote still needs some configuration on the BW's end to get the fonts to appear in OneNote.

    Lord willing, I'm to get a Surface and a Windows 8 PC as well as a Windows 8 phone. I'm hoping there will be some kind of phone version of BW sometime soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nord Zootman View Post
    I wasn't familiar with Splashtop. I see it is available for android. Anyone else have experience with it an Biblework?
    Somehow missed this post earlier, but I have run BW on an Android using Splashtop. More info HERE
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