I had been trying to use examples on this Forum to link to Logos Libroinx Dictionaries using English
Search Words without success. I tried to use the following model, among others, listed on the forum,
and replaced the word Moses with <Dummy> and reference Anchor with my Smith's Bible Dictionary

libronixdls:macro|name=TextKeyLink|text=Moses|lang =en|res="Anchor"

I tried various combinations of parameters and key look-ups and other forum models, all to no avail.
Some would open the correct dictionaries, however, they would not position to the correct search
words. It was as though it ignored the search criteria.

I have since discovered from the Logos Website a better way. In stead of using any of the libronix
models as listed on the forum, I discovered that Logos 3.0 Libronix software will provide you the
exact link reference directly into your paste clipboard. It will work for any 3.0 Logos reference in
your library. From the Logos Website, it states the following in part, the rest is my modification
of their instructions.

Finding Logos External Links:

Open Libronix and navigate to the location in the resource you want to link to.
If you need a word lookup, type in a sample lookup word and go ahead and perform the search.
Make sure that it is the active window and go to Favorites | Copy Location to Clipboard.
You will not see anything happen, but Libronix will have placed a reference to this
location in the Windows clipboard.
Next, paste the clipboard into the new link position (in this case into the ELM window).
When using an English word lookup, Wherever your search word is located, replace it with
the replaceable parameter.
Your search word could show up more than once, so be sure to replace each occurance
with the replaceable parameter. (See examples below with two search words per link
(Moses) in the first and (Pharisees) in the second.

The following works for Smith's Bible Dictionary.

libronixdls:jump|pos=LLS-AOL%3A3086%3CMoses%3E.0.0|ref=topic%2Btopics.Moses |res=LLS%3A14.0.2

libronixdls:jump|pos=LLS-AOL%3A3434%3CPharisees%3E.0.0|ref=topic%2Btopics.P harisees|res=LLS%3A14.0.2

After my BibleWorks 8 conversion replacing words with variables <dummy>:

libronixdls:jump|pos=LLS-AOL%3A3086%3C<dummy>%3E.0.0|ref=topic%2Btopics.<du mmy>|res=LLS%3A14.0.2

This method worked flawlessly for all my Logos English Dictionary Word Lookups.

I used the same method for Strong's and several other Dictionaries that lookup by English Words.

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