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    My wife and I went to see Brave last night.

    One of our reasons for going is because we really like Disney/Pixar films, have seen all of them, and own most of the DVD's.
    The film itself was great.

    The animation was brilliant, fantastic, marvelous - and whatever other adjectives I can think of.

    The story was very good - and Billy Connolly's character was a scream. I had a great laugh through it all.

    The story also had a good moral about choices and their consequences. A good talking point with children, and also about child/parent relations.

    But, the other reason we went to see it was because we were thinking of taking the Sunday School kids to it during the upcoming school holidays (break for mums, an outing for the kids).

    The PG rating should have given me my first warning.

    For there was also witchcraft, spells, and "wisps", typical of many Disney movies (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, etc.)

    There were scenes of violence which were quite "scary", and problably inappropriate for children (well, for my Sunday School children when I am responsible for them. If their parents choose to take them, then that is their choice).

    Part way through the film, I leaned over and said to my wife, "we can't bring the kids to this". We probably won't be buying the DVD of this one, either.
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    As a father of three, I've been a fan of the Pixar movies ever since my first two were little. They were so much better than the fare Disney (and certainly Dreamworks) was putting out before they bought out Pixar. We've seen the past several Pixar movies right around opening weekend, or not too long thereafter. It sounds like we might have to take a pass on this one, though. Thanks for the heads-up.
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