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Thread: BibleWorks 9 vs Logos 4 Original Languages

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    Default BibleWorks 9 vs Logos 4 Original Languages

    Hi, all.

    I'm contemplating buying BibleWorks 9 or Logos 4 Original Language package. I would very much appreciate any helpful advice people have, especially those who use or have used both programs recently.

    1. One of my concerns [was] that the very cluttered 'look' of BibleWorks. Is there a full screen toggle where the menu bars can be eliminated from the screen? Does one always need to have three windows (search, browse, analysis) open all the time? Is the size of each of three these windows adjustable?
    - This concern has been erased in Post #s 6, 11, 12. Thanks.

    2. Does anyone have a list of things that one can do on BibleWorks that cannot be done on Logos? Or vice-versa? On of the things that I read in a comparison of older versions of both programs was that purely syntactical searches were able to be done on Logos but not on BibleWorks. I've heard that this is no longer be the case, but I am very interested in this aspect so if anyone has some specific information along this lines, please share.

    3. I am already aware of the larger assortment of books that can be added to Logos, but I'm not interested in all their older commentaries or confessional or apologetic, even devotional or self-help types of works. I am interested in their more modern academic stuff, eg, the 3-volume Davies & Allison commentary on Matthew, especialy if they can be linked to the textual analysis part of Logos.
    - I've learned that the Logos search engine can be downloaded for free and specific individual works an be downloaded from Logos. One does not need to buy one of their base packages. So, although their individual works are expensive (they would be expensive on top of one of their base packages too), it really is economical to use the full BibleWorks package and purchase whatever additional items one would like in an electronic format from Logos. Perhaps not as integrated of a solution as many would like, but it does allow for the best of both worlds.

    4. One of the biggest advantages of BibleWorks for me is the parallel Hebrew-LXX module. It seems like that is not available on Logos. Correct? Not correct.
    Some Logos users consider their ability to do parallel MT-LXX work superior to BibleWorks. They do not need to show the English line of their interlinears (I dislike English interlinears) and their text is searchable morphologically and the excellent Tov 'commentary' on the LXX can be integrated into their search tools. It is expensive ($100), but it is not merely an e-book.

    5. Another substantial advantage of BibleWorks are the morphologically analyzed complete works of Josephus, Philo, and the apostolic fathers. It seems like that is not available on Logos. Correct? Not correct. But not sure yet how expensive it would be to duplicate this on Logos.

    6. How good are Logos' iPhone/Andoid apps? Those would be very nice to have depending upon functionality. No longer an issue. If I use the free Logos search engine with some free and individually purchased items, I would be able to use the Logos iPhone/Android apps, which are free to users of the Logos search engine.

    7. I've read that searches on BibleWorks are much faster. Any other things that I should be thinking about?

    Sorry for so many questions, but I hope some of this information would be very helpful to others looking into this software. Many years ago, when I was doing my doctoral studies I used L-Base by Silver Mountain Software as well as GRAMCORD (free version for some work I did on the Greek analysis), but I have not used anything comparable in a Windows environment.

    Thanks for your time!
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