I just upgraded from BW7 to BW9. I had purchased four separate modules in BW7 and want to activate them in BW9. Two of them (ESNT and IBHS) are already included in BW9, so I don't need to activate them. The other two modules (BDAG and HALOT) are not included in BW9, so I need to activate them. However, BW9 won't allow me to activate BDAG and HALOT because, I think, my activation codes for these two modules have four 5-digit sets (e.g. XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) and BW9 only accepts activation codes with four 4-digit sets (e.g. YYYY-YYYY-YYYY-YYYY). In fact, I tried to enter these activation codes during the installation of BW9 but it did not accept them. I tried sending emails ('activate@bibleworks.com', 'activation-help@bibleworks.com' and 'service@bibleworks.com') but no body respond. I also tried the online manual activation (https://www.bibleworks.com/activation/ma.php) but it didn't work either. I have tried every mean that I can think of and I am very frustrated about the new activation process of BW9 and their technical support. If you can offer me a little help, I will greatly appreciate. Also, I want to sell the two redundant modules (ESNT and IBHS). Is there a way that I can sell them from this forum or somewhere else? Thanks.