The STEP Project based at Tyndale House (Cambridge, U.K.) aims to produce a full range of Bible study tools and content for free use around the world. You can see what we're up to here and/or here. I'm the Director of Distance Research for STEP, and I'm recruiting volunteers to work on producing and/or editing these materials. At this stage, we're especially interested in getting the STEP Interlinear done, which is tagging the ESV with Strong's Concordance numbers. If you're interested in volunteering, do this:
  • Check out the links above and see where you might contribute best.
  • Contact me for information or to volunteer by e-mail at

I would note that we're gearing up to do the same with a Chinese Bible so we can incorporate it into the STEP Project's tools. If your Chinese is good and work even a little with the biblical languages, you could help us on the Chinese module. And if your biblical languages are strong, we might even want to use you as someone to supervise and guide the Chinese Research Associates.

I'm a longtime Bible Works user, since 3.0. I have it loaded all the time while I'm working on the various STEP modules.