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Thread: LXX quotes in the NT

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    Default LXX quotes in the NT

    I am an occasional lurker and a rare poster. I have beenusing BW for about three maybe four years. BW9 was a very useful up grade. Iwas wondering if it is possible to compare the text of two different passages,such as the LXX and its NT quotes. An example of would be a comparison of Joel 2 and Peter’s quote of it in Acts 2.Is it possible to use the text compression tool, or something like, that inBW9?

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    BibleWorks comes with a Synopsis tool, which is just what you want. The icon in BW9 is three different-colored balls with blue arrows going in circles. Click on it, and from the "File" menu click on "Open." I believe that BW comes with a synopsis file called ntot. Choose it, and scroll down to the appropriate verses in Acts 2. There in parallel columns you will see Joel in Hebrew, Greek, and English and Acts in Greek and English. Compare to your heart's content.
    If this synopsis file (ntot.sdf) does not come with BibleWorks, it would be available for download from the Unofficial BibleWorks Blog, since this file was created by a BW user many years ago.
    I hope this steers you in the right direction.
    Mark Eddy

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    I was looking for a click to do it for me, like with the textcomparison tool.

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    1>Archer's Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament --- which is included in BW package, or
    2>go to Act 2:17, then under Tools--->Analyzing the text--->Related Verses Tool, which should show you the comparison with Joel 3:1

    ps. Tools--->Analyzing the text--->Phrase Matching Tool would bring you to the same verse, but from a different perspective

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    Default In the riches of BibleWorks ...

    This may be a little closer to what you want:

    In BW9 there is an XREF with the Related Verses Tool already run on BGM (which includes LXX).
    If you set one of your analysis columns to "X-Refs", choose the "BW-RVT" set of xrefs, and set the xref display version to BGT, that column will display the verses that share the most lemmas.
    It will not highlight matches or differences, but it will give you the raw material.
    And, it doesn't even require an additional key stroke once you have it selected.

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    If I'm hearing your correctly, what you're after is a tool that will actually analyze two similar texts that are NOT versions of the same text (whether a text in the NT and another text in LXX or perhaps parallel texts in the Gospels, etc.) and then make highlights similar to the compare versions tool in BW.

    Currently this is not a feature that is available in BW. Yes, there are synopses. Yes, there is the ability to use xrefs to jump from passage to passage. Yes, you can compare the same passage of Scripture in different versions (of the same language). But no, you cannot compare two different passages with any kind of automated highlighting.

    If you think this would be a worthwhile feature (and I wholeheartedly think it's an excellent idea), then be sure to suggest it to the staff through the proper channels. In fact, anyone who is interested in something like this (which would be helpful for synoptic Gospel studies or for intertextual studies [like the OT use of the NT or Philo's, Josephus' or the Pseudepigrapha's use of the OT]), then please, please, please, suggest the feature to the folks at BW.

    Submit ideas here!

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    Thanks for all of your inputs. Yes,I am looking for a highlighted analyzed comparison of two different text andpassages. Evidently this is notavailable. Thanks again.

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