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Thread: Master List Of BW Add-ons Created By Users

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    Thumbs up creeds in bibleworks

    Thanks James.
    David McKay

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    Default weekly torah portions

    I am using BW5 and unfortunately my computer crashed. I have now reinstalled everything but i am trying to find a file that someone posted several years ago which added the weekly portions from the law and prophets read in synagogues to the window (i can't remember the name of it) that shows "Gen 1:1 Six days of creation and the sabbath".
    do you have any idea where i can find this? thank you
    howard silverman

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    Default found it on "mysite"

    I found what i was looking for on "my site". thanks!!!!
    howard silverman

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    Default Documentary Hypothesis?

    I am trying to find a way to use software to analyze the so-called "Documentary Hypothesis." I would like to have the text of the Pentatuech displayed with various colors, with each color respresenting a supposed source--Jahwist, Elohist, Priestly, Deuteronomistic, and the various other "redactors" and "sources."

    My goal is not just to display the colors on the screen (Richard Friedman's book, "The Bible with Sources Revealed" does this quite well); rather, I want to be able to expand and collapse the individual colors, so that I could look just at the "Jahwist" texts, in sequence, or the "Elohist" texts, and so on. I would like to be able to search for all occurrences of "YHWH" within the non-Jahwistic sources, and vice-versa.

    Does anyone know how this could be done--either in Bibleworks or in some other software package?

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    Cool Interesting...very interesting...

    Interesting question.

    I can see a few options:

    1. Create four search limit lists and save them for each of the sources. Then you can perform your search on whatever source you want.

    2. Create four different versions using the VDC--one for each of the sources--so that you can display the four versions in "parallel" noting where the text is absent in some areas, but present in others.

    3. Create your own "morphological version" where each Hebrew lemma is given a code for either J, E, D or P...or even J-E. This would allow you to search a given source (by designating a search such as hwhy@j* for instances of hwhy in J or JE). This would also allow you to set coloring files using a similar search so that the text was the same color as the background--causing the unwanted text to "disappear" on the screen so you could read only the source(s) you wish to read.

    The third option, I believe would be the best. It would be also the most tedious way of doing things. It would probably be best to follow only one scholar's interpretation of the Graf-Wellhausen so that you can evaluate only one theory at a time. Of course, you may be able to add enough "morphological coding" to handle several theories at once...though that would get tricky.

    While I have serious misgivings with the Documentary Hypothesis and its many mutations--especially given its ascendancy to accepted fact rather than hypothesis in many scholarly circles--I think that such a tool would be valuable for both studying and evaluating the theory.
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    I like your suggestions. I am relatively new to BibleWorks, but it seems as though your option #3 could be a nice solution.

    I'm wondering if it would be possible for someone to "Create [his/her] own 'morphological version' where each Hebrew lemma is given a code for either J, E, D or P...or even J-E" and then sell/give this new "morphological version" to other BibleWorks users? Obviously this person would have to decide whose JEDP/Other source-arrangements to use (I would prefer Richard Friedman's, "The Bible with Sources Revealed," since I already have his book).

    I likewise have misgivings about the "DocHyp" theory, but I would like to be able to supplement my term paper with computer-generated statistics. It seems odd to me that with all the hullabaloo about this theory, no one seems to have felt it worthwhile to create a software system that would enable the average joe[sephine] to analyze the theory for him/herself.

    As far as your suggeston #1, is it possible that anyone on this forum might have already made search limit lists for each of the putative "sources"? Could such a list be shared among Bibleworks users?
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    Default Graff

    I also would find this useful, even if it were just colored to match each hypothetical source.

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    Default Colwell's Rule?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct name, but I think there is some rule of Greek grammar that says "an anarthous predicate noun that precedes the verb may be translated into English without the indefinite article." (Mark 2:28 and John 1:1 are two examples where this rule is used)

    Does anyone know how one could search for all instances where Colwell's rule has been used in a given English translation?

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    Default See new Thread

    Joe Fleener
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    Post Update Brenton's LXX

    The master list of BW add-ons lists an updated version of Brenton's LXX. The direct link does not work, nor do I find it at the list of mirror sites at the bottom. What has been updated in this version and is it available?


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