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Thread: Master List Of BW Add-ons Created By Users

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    Default Thanks for: Mounce's Vocabulary for BibleWorks 6

    Quote Originally Posted by Philip Brown
    Hi, All,

    I have compiled the vocabulary from Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek, 2nd Edition into a BW6 .vrt file which may be imported into the BW Vocabulary Flashcard module.
    Thanks for all the work you put into this. What a great tool to add to BW.
    Joe Fleener
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    Psalm 46:11
    `#r<a'(B' ~Wra' ~yIAGB; ~Wra' ~yhi_l{a/ ykinOa'-yKi W[d>W WPr>h;

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    Exclamation Greek text of 1 Enoch from Codex Panopolitanus

    I just added the Greek text of 1 Enoch according to Codex Panopolitanus.

    This version database was obtained from the public domain edition of R. H. Charles, The book of Enoch; or 1 Enoch. Translated from the editor's Ethiopic text and edited with the introduction, notes and indexes of the first edition wholly recast, enlarged and rewritten, together with a reprint from the editor's text of the Greek fragments. Oxford, Clarendon: 1912.

    Compiled for Bibleworks 6.0 by James M. Darlack, April 6, 2004, with permission from

    NOTE this Greek text is NOT the same text as compiled by M. Black in his Apocalypsis Henochi Graece, (PsVTGr 3. Leiden: Brill, 1970). The versification is quite different in places.

    DABAR.ORG includes the following text as well, though I could not figure out an appropriate place to include it in the Enoch Database:

    Quotation of 1 Enoch preserved in the Chronographia of George Syncellus ca. 1500, (Ed) Dindorf 1829 vol. i p. 47. Kai auqij para de tou orouj en w wmosan kai anaqematisan proj ton plhsion autwn( oti eij ton aiwna ou mh aposth ap autou yucoj kai ciwn kai pacnh kai drosoj ou mh katabh eij auto( ei mh eij kataran katabhsetai ep auto( mecrij hmeraj krisewj thj megalhj) en tw kairw ekeinw katakauqhsetai kai tapeinwqhsetai kai estai katakaiomenon kai thkomenon wj khroj apo puroj( outwj katakahsetai peri pantwn twn ergwn autou) kai nun egw legw umin uioij anqrwpwn( orgh megalh kaq umwn( kata twn uiwn umwn( kai ou pausetai h orgh auth af umwn( mecri kairou sfaghj twn uiwn umwn) kai apolountai oi agaphtoi umwn kai apoqanountai oi entimoi umwn apo pashj thj ghj( oti pasai ao hmerai thj zwhj autwn apo tou nun ou mh esountai pleiw twn ekaton eikosin etwn) kai mh doxhte eti zhsai epi pleiona eth ou gar estin en autoij pasa odoj ekfeuxewj apo tou nun dia thn orghn hn wrgisqh umin o basileuj pantwn twn aiwnwn mh nomishte oti ekfeuxesqe tauta) Kai tauta men ek tou prwtou bibliou Enwc peri twn egrhgorwn)
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    Exclamation BibleWorks Compiler Notice

    BibleWorks Version Database Compiler

    Version 6.0.005
    • Please read the following carefully before using the BibleWorks Versions Database Compiler (VDC). The VDC is a tool that is intended to facilitate the work of missionaries and translators who wish to compile their translations and use them in BibleWorks.
    • Databases compiled with the VDC may be freely distributed to other BibleWorks users as long as no price is charged for the database and as long as the compiled database is not distributed as part of a collection for which a price is charged. Before distributing any databases that you compile you must insure that you have the right under copyright law to distribute the database. In all cases you should include with the database a statement of the copyright status of the database and a copy of this document. The document is in a file called compiler.rtf in your BibleWorks databases directory. This is to protect both you and BibleWorks. Please obey the copyright laws.
    • Databases compiled, or intended for compilation, with the VDC may not be sold without the express written permission of BibleWorks, LLC. If you would like to apply for a distribution license please contact BibleWorks, LLC at The purpose of this licensing requirement is not to inhibit the distribution of compiled databases, but rather to encourage cooperation between BibleWorks and the distributors of such databases. Potential distributors of new databases should be aware that the format of these databases is proprietary to BibleWorks, and can be changed at any time. The same is true of the format of the underlying text from which the compiled version is generated. It is important that database developers and distributors remain in contact with us so that we can minimize the effect of database format and compiler changes on their customers. We will make every effort to insure that licensed databases remain compatible with future releases of BibleWorks. No such guarantees can be made for unlicensed databases. Users should also keep in mind that we cannot provide support for third party databases which were distributed, either in compiled or raw form, without a distribution license. We can provide some support for databases from licensed sources but the nature of the support will depend on the licensing arrangement.
    • Neither your reseller nor BibleWorks, LLC shall be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, exemplary or other direct or indirect damages arising from use, results of use, or the inability to use the databases compiled with the VDC. Some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
    • The exclusive extent of your remedies in equity and at law (and the sole liabilities of your reseller and BibleWorks, LLC) are: (a) replacement of a copy of the BibleWorks software, databases and documentation; or (b) refund of the license fee; either (a) or (b) of the foregoing being at the option and in the sole discretion of BibleWorks, LLC.

    BibleWorks. LLC

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    Default User Document Repository

    This is a great idea!

    What do people think about moving this to some type of document repository? That way users can upload files themselves instead of having to constantly update this thread (which will quickly turn into a maintenance nightmare). In addition, some type of folder structure can be used to organize the different types of documents and allow people to easily find what they are looking for. I was thinking something along the lines of this:

    This is just a simple little example I set up using a free PHP script for a document repository. It's too bad that vBulletin (the software running this forum) doesn't have the capability to do this - it would be ideal to be integrated into these forums. But I'm sure there's a better PHP document repository script out there that includes comments and other features like that.

    In terms of hosting, I can see 3 main options:
    1. Hosted at This would be by far the ideal solution, but would require BW staff and space and bandwidth etc. What do you guys think? It would be awesome to have this as an official BW repository and the BW site has the most visibility and bandwidth and likelikhood for people to participate. BW is already known as a great software product with great staff support - how cool to extend that to include an officially supported collaboration repository for users to share files...
    2. If BW doesn't go for that, a bunch of us could register a site like or something like that. I know of some cheap hosting services that wouldn't be too bad if a few of us went in together and we could set up a bunch of admins so that many of us can monitor it and make sure its working correctly. I'd have no problem setting this up.
    3. Some individual could host it. I wouldn't necessarily mind doing this, but it just doesn't seem like the ideal solution to rely on a single person and makes it much less likely to get involvement of BW users and broad visibility. But if the other options don't get support, this could be an option.

    I think this has a lot of potential to grow into an amazing resource to share versions, searches, diagrams, color files, etc. - really allowing us as BW users to collaborate as we study God's Word.



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    Thumbs up chiefplt's idea...

    Quote Originally Posted by chiefplt
    ...a maintenance nightmare...
    I hear you!

    I think that such a service would be excellent. I agree that it would be wrong to give it over to an individual. It would have to be maintained by some group or by Bibleworks. The only problem that I can forsee with Bibleworks hosting the site is the possibility of problems when it comes to some sort of copyright suit! If someone makes a database and does not cover their own bases, I am sure the folks in BW would rather avoid the issue. On the other hand, if the disclaimer is blatantly made that BW does not hold itself responsible for these texts, then I can imagine it working.

    What do you think Mike B. and Mike T?

    If a group got together to host something like this, then count me in! I'd love to help, but I can see the disadvantages of relying on my own consistency with this thread...finals are coming up...papers are coming due...

    Jim Darlack - Associate Director of Goddard Library /
    Reference Librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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    Default Great

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie
    The files can all be posted here. Not just url's.

    Do we have to seach the thread, or is there a central repository for us to upload files to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wezlo
    Do we have to seach the thread, or is there a central repository for us to upload files to?
    JDarlack is constantly updating the very first post in this entire thread to contain all the links. (Thanks Jim!)
    In addition there are several URL's at the bottom of that very first post that contain links to websites that have already been created as containers for files submitted. Ideally, they should be mirrors of the same information perhaps but no matter, the first message in this thread has all the data.

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    a big thank you for having all these great add-ons. i'm excited to get my hands on these things..

    since we're on the subject...any way that you could get a copy of the new world translation for bw?

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    Default New World Translation

    Quote Originally Posted by samuelholder
    since we're on the subject...any way that you could get a copy of the new world translation for bw?
    The New World Translation is under copyright by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and International Bible Students Association (my copy is copyright 1984). For the database to be distributed, someone would have to get permission from the Watch Tower, and somehow, I doubt they would give it!

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    Default Compiling APE & APM

    I downloaded the APE and APM files, and put both in the userdb folder. Wehn I try to compile them, I receive a message that says that I need a coresponding TXT file. As far as I can tell, I have it. What am I missing?

    Pr. Timothy J. Landskroener

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