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    Is there a way to turn off the strong number code (display section of the Bible, middle section)? For example: I would see something like this for Acts 18:2: Acts 18:2 And <2532> found <2147> (5631) a certain <5100> Jew <2453> named <3686> Aquila <207>, born <1085> in Pontus <4193>, lately <4373> come <2064> (5756) from <575> Italy <2482>, with <2532> his <846> wife <1135> Priscilla <4252>; (because that <1223> Claudius <2804> had commanded <1299> (5760) all <3956> Jews <2453> to depart <5563> (5745) from <1537> Rome <4516> and came <4334> (5627) unto them <846>. Thanks. Josh

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    At the bottom of BibleWorks there is a narrow strip that runs the length of the program. Among other things you should see in bold face "Strong's". If you double-click that, the Strong's numbers will go away in the Browse Window.
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    Thank you. Problem resolved. That was simple.

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    Keyboard shortcut: with mouse anywhere in Browse window, hit "r" to toggle Strong's on/off
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