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Thread: New BW9 Feature - Search results popups

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    Default New BW9 Feature - Search results popups

    Another feature was added to BW9 just a few days ago, but other than its description in the EXE to download it, no one has said anything, so I'll at least say something to alert people to it.

    As of BW9.0009n, there is now an option in the context menu in the Search Window to Show verse popups. You can toggle this by right clicking in the results lists portion of the Search Window (that's the area below the green command line in the 1st column/window) and then left clicking Show verse popups. When you do this, you can now hover your mouse over the verses in the results list and a popup of that text will appear. This is a really efficient way to see what the text of the verse list even faster than clicking on it to load it in the Browse Window.

    The popups use the normal versions that are set for all popups in BibleWorks. The way to change them is to go to View|Choose Popup Versions. There is a normal set and a shifted set. The normal set is what normally appears when you hover the mouse over the verse, the shifted is what you see if you hold down the shift button and hover the mouse over the verse.

    I think this is a really sweet addition. I'm kind of surprised no one thought of it earlier!
    Michael Hanel
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    That is a time saver--thanks for pointing that out.
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    Nice! Thank you.

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    Terrific! I've wanted something like that, as an alternative to having the list show entire verses, which takes up too much space.
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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