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Thread: New BW9 Feature - paragraph marks in Bible versions

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    Default New BW9 Feature - paragraph marks in Bible versions

    Ok, so in the older versions of BibleWorks paragraph marks are included according to the RSV. You can turn them on or off by going to the Options and under Option Flags | Browse Window, you can toggle them on or off.** Doing this won't make the versions appear in real paragraphs, but it will add a paragraph mark () to the appropriate verses where new paragraphs begin. Paragraphs can only begin a verse.

    However, a new feature has just been added to BW9 where you can add paragraph marks to all (?) the Bible (?) versions, by adding a plain text file to the \databases\ directory in BibleWorks with the name VERSION_ID.pat (e.g. kjv.pat, rsv.pat) which contains the verses that begin paragraphs, one per line.

    For instance the beginning of kjv.pat looks like this:
    Gen 1:1
    Gen 1:6
    Gen 1:9
    Gen 1:14
    Gen 1:20
    Gen 1:24
    Gen 1:26
    Gen 2:1
    Gen 2:4
    which means a new paragraph begins at each of those verses.

    Now, when you have paragraph marks toggled on, KJV will show paragraph marks according to KJV, while RSV will show them for RSV.

    At present, it's not clear whether users will have to contribute these files for other versions or whether anyone at BW is working on them. Also I'm not sure whether this paragraphing works in non-biblical works.

    Are there other questions people have about this new feature? Hopefully someone with more knowledge will answer them, because that's about all I have figured out so far.

    ADDED: ** You can now also toggle paragraph marks on or off by using the Browse Window Options Button (it's the one next to the walking shoes in the Browse Window), which is much more convenient!
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