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Thread: What did I cclick on now?

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    Default What did I cclick on now?

    What did I click now! My resource summary will not updatewhen I change to a new verse in the browse window. I have to close and rebootthe program to get it to change, then it is fixed on whatever verse the programloaded on.

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    I have no idea what caused this behaviour.
    You should be able to correct it by:
    Main menu Tools
    Browse Window Configuration Options

    Check Update Resource Window on Verse Change
    If this is already checked, or if checking it doesn't help, you might contact BW support.
    Or as a last resort you might rename your BW ini file (after closing BW) so that BW will reinitialize it upon next invocation. This cures most ills, but looses all you customized settings.
    (The above steps are for BW9. For BW7 & BW8 the process is almost identical.)

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    TheUpdate Resource Window on Verse Change was checked. I unchecked it rebooted theprogram and then went back and check it and rebooted the program again and itis working for now. I donít know why, but hopefully it wonít get stuck again.

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