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Thread: searching Bible encylopedia sets

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    Default searching Bible encylopedia sets

    Sometimes BibleWorks' Bible dictionaries aren't enough. ISBE, the most comprehensive, is not recent (1939?).

    Do you have any recommendations for recent, electronic Bible multi-volume Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias?

    Specifically, have you used any of these? Cost vs. benefits?


    2009 edition is available in Kindle format for $200:
    Or in Logos format for $224:

    In print, it's on sale right now for $120:

    I think I'd rather have it in electronic format, for portability and ease in searching by keyword, etc.

    Interpreter's (Abingdon)

    New Interpreter's Bible Dictionary CD is on sale for $99:


    Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (more thorough, less conservative, 1992) is $270 in Logos format:

    Related questions:

    If you buy the Zondervan product in Kindle format, since it is five separate books, must you search each book separately? Or can you use Calibre to search through all five volumes at once?

    Can you copy and paste text from a Kindle book in Calibre into a word processor?

    Any other related info you care to share?


    Dan Witte

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    Dan, there is a much more recent revision/edition of ISBE. I know it is available in Logos. (I have it)

    Anchor is fantastic, but, at $270, it is cost prohibitive. Ouch!


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