Spring training has begun - so what do people think? How will it turn out? (And, no, we will not be stoning to death those who predict wrong! We are baseball fans, not prophets).

AL East: Yankees. They have shored up their pitching, and if A-Rod is healthy, they should win easily. Cano at second, Granderson in center. If Jeter can repeat his 2nd half performance of last year, he should have another good season. Sad about losing Posada, and trading Montero was a surprise, but they have a lot of depth behind the plate.

AL Central: Tigers. The addition of Prince Fielder into the great team they had in 2011. And, being in the AL, he has the chance to DH. Tigers easily.

AL West: Angels. The addition of Pujols gives them a great edge over the Rangers. Not sure if Texas can get up after last year's loss in the World Series.

NL East: Phillies. The rest just don't seem strong enough to compete. Of course, Howard has to get healthy.

NL Central: Hard to say. The Brewers loss of Fielder, and the Cardinals loss of Pujols makes guessing hard. It could, like last year, come down to the wire.

NL West: My heart wants to say the Dodgers (yes, I know, but I said "heart", not "head"), but IF they can get past their off field problems, and IF the new owner can bring them together - who knows. Too many "if's", so I will go with Arizona. I think that the Giants in 2010 was more "all good things coming together at once", and probably won't happen again. But, if Posey can come back healthy???

AL Wild Cards: Red Sox (so long as they can get their act together). Last September surprised/shocked us all, even us Yankee fans. They can come back, but they have to get their heads straight. The second Wild Card will be a fight between the Rays and the Rangers. The Rays have the harder division, so I will go with the Rangers.

NL Wild Cards: Either Cards or Brewers (depending on who doesn't win the division) and Atlanta - providing they don't implode again - see Red Sox, above.