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Thread: Revised 1904 Patriarchal Text, English Translation

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    Default Revised 1904 Patriarchal Text, English Translation

    We've added the English translation to accompany the Revised 1904 Patriarchal Text, updated with the 350 AD Byzantine Gothic text (edited by Wayne A Mitchell, 2010). This can be downloaded by going to the main BibleWorks menu and selecting
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    Thanks. I just saw that on the BibleWorks website. In addition, the Leeser Bible seems to be new. I'm currently working on my PC upon which I only have BW8 installed; I have BW9 on my other and newer PC. I ran the updater in BW8 and none of the new modules appear. Is that right? I guess the newer modules are not available for BW8? Grateful for a reply. By the way, I am really excited about the Leeser translation. Thanks for adding that one.

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