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    We just added a new feature primarily for inhouse use but it looks useful enough that I think I will make it public and give users a heads up here. With 9.0.008m you can very easily create a gloss dictionary for any set of words that you can search for in Greek and Hebrew. It works best for BNM and WTM because it uses the gloss lists based on those versions. It works like this:

    1. Choose WTM for GNM/BNM for your search version
    2. Change to vowel point sensitive (Hebrew) or accent sensitive searching (Greek)
    3. Peform a wild card search and set search limits if you are just interested in a part of Scriptue
    4. Click on the Words tab
    5. Right click on the "wildcards expansion" list and choose export to editor

    The program will open a new editor window and dump a gloss dictionary into it using the search parameters. So you can create a list of all verbs in John, for example, along with their glosses. The vocabulary card glosses are used so they can be edited in the flashcard module. The export will use the settings in the Setup | Fonts tab, so if you don't want unicode you have to change the settings there. Have fun. Pretty cool I think.

    Remember that in accent/vowel sensitive mode you may have to press the insert key to enter some characters.

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