Hi There -
This is my first post to this fine forum, and it concerns a modest request.

I recently contacted BW about adding a few books to the library. One book is, "A Manual Grammer of the Greek New Testament" - Dana and Mantey. I think that this would be a great addition to BW.

I mentioned that I had E-mailed MACMILLAN Publishing about giving BW permission to develop this book for the BW program. BW General Manager, Rick Gross, said that "We'd be happy to work with MACMILLAN on including this work". He then suggested that I post a request on the BW forum to other members about contacting MACMILLAN and expressing an interest in getting this grammer included in BW.

Sooo, if anyone else would like to have Dana and Mantey,s Grammer added to the BW library, here is the E-mail address (the only one I could find) - customerservice@mpsvirginia.com.

Thanks guys,