This message recycles a post from November, 2010. I'm thinking that there may be some new forum users who would benefit from it.

After visiting Greece recently, I arranged to import some shirt-pocket-sized Greek NTs and also some slightly larger, but still vest-pocket sized. These are smaller than anything I'm aware has been for sale in the U.S. for a good many years. The small one, by the way, is not for the visually challenged, but its type is excellent in clarity.

The Campus Store at Bob Jones University has these GNTs available on its website. Availability is limited, and whether these will become a regular stock item has not yet been determined. As a matter of disclosure, I am not personally profiting to any significant extent from the sale of these Greek NTs.

The web site is

The text is the Patriarchal Text of 1904 as used in Greek Orthodoxy, a Byzantine-type text drawn from the manuscripts at Mount Athos. This text is in BibleWorks, by the way, as the GOC version.

Blessings in Christ! (Acts 3:26),

Randy Leedy