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I have a question about using Windows OS on a Mac. One of my reasons for considering converting to a Mac is the decreased possibility of getting a virus, or at least that is what I am being told and am hearing as I do my research. My question is, does having a Windows OS on your Mac open up your Mac to the same issues I find on PC's? I am definitely going to get BibleWorks, but I curious as to whether it is worth the additional cost to get the Mac Pro if I can possibly have the same issues my PC's have had.
If you install Windows on your Mac, you will need an antivirus... for the Windows partition. That doesn't make your Mac partition any more vulnerable to viruses, though, simply because Mac is not designed in the same way Windows was. I've been using Mac with a Windows partition and running it with Parallel for the last few years and find that fairly satisfying. As of late, there are only a couple applications I still run on Windows, BW9 being the one I use the most (by far!).

BW9 is a bit slow in this setup, and I'm eager to see it made fully compatible with CrossOver. I tried installing BW9 with a trial version of CrossOver back in early February, but wasn't able to make it run. I believe work has continued since then, and I understand that many of the bugs have been worked out (though not all). Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm thinking specifically of BW9.

For some info on this, you can take a look at :


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