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Thread: Bible works app?

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    Default Bible works app?

    I know that accordance has a app for the iPhone iPad, I also know that it is a Mac product. However I was wondering if anyone knew if bible works was trying to create a distilled version of bw for an app.

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    Here's the official answer. Before I fully understood what the implementation of Windows 8 would look like I wondered if it would be a place where BW could function, but it seems like Windows 8 won't quite be the answer either. You can see that discussion here.

    Although the answer to the question isn't an emphatic no, it does seem like they don't want to waste time programming BW for an app when the app version would in no way resemble the real version because mobile devices aren't powerful enough to do it all yet.
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    I've tried to keep up with this discussion & persuade BW to do something or risk becoming obsolete. The gist I get right now is that they aren't going to do anything for either the iOS or Android platforms. They want to stay a Windows-only product. What they are banking on is future versions of Windows (like Windows 8 that is scheduled to be released next fall) becoming operating systems that work on both PCs, tablets, & mobile devices. If this happens then you would have complete continuity between all your devices, so long as all of your devices are run by Windows. If this happens then it would be attractive to the consumer. Even Apple doesn't have complete continuity between products because iOS is different than Mac OS. However, the problem is that Windows has waited too long to make a splash in the mobile market. Windows phone is just now ready for release (about 3 years later than it should be) and all non-Apple tablets are going with Android because that's essentially the only other viable option until Windows releases their OS next fall. The problem is that by then, companies (such as Amazon with their new kindle fire, who would've been a perfect customer for Windows) will already be in too deep with Android and other developers and Windows won't really have any customers (even though it will probably be pretty darn good).

    All of this is why I think it's way too risky for Bibleworks to wait until Windows gets its act together. Just come out with a stripped-down Bibleworks app for Android & iOS with basic things like word & phrase searches, Greek & Hebrew texts & morphology versions, 4-5 English translations, vocab flashcards, and maybe 1-2 other things like a dictionary or map or something. You don't need to put the whole program on it. We're not looking to utilize the full power of BW on a smartphone or tablet. Just make it bare bones and only activated with an account. I want something to use at church, at school, while I'm out and about and don't have my laptop on me. It only makes sense from a business perspective because it's where the times are. The times aren't heading that way; they're already here. I think BW is still the best around when taking everything into account, but they're making people less & less likely to purchase it by sitting idly by hoping Windows will get their act together. Just do something. Developer costs can't really be that much. You have the brains on staff to make it happen. Now just make it happen!

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    Default BW on Android (sort of...)

    I didn't want to start a thread and raise unwarranted hopes, but it is possible (sort of) to use BW on an Android (actually any tablet device for that matter).
    Full details on my blog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soxfan23 View Post
    Windows 8 that is scheduled to be released next fall
    Why would Microsoft do this to us?

    I'm still trying to get used to Windows 7 - and they want to change it on me again!

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    One of the best Bible apps I've seen is here and it sends you essay for review from time to time. It has helped me with my mental health as well as with finding Jesus. I am now a humble Christian and go to church regularly.
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    Default They need to make updates is well, it is necessary for any progress

    Quote Originally Posted by jimofbentley View Post

    Why would Microsoft do this to us?

    I'm still trying to get used to Windows 7 - and they want to change it on me again!

    They need to make updates is well, it is necessary for any progress

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    Thank you for sharing, this is exactly what I needed. I couldn't figure out the reasons why the app didn't work for a long time, there were a lot of bugs that had been dragging on since the beginning of development. Good thing I found other app developers who helped me fix the bugs and do a fresh start.

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