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Well I don't have an Israeli or Yiddish background, but I'm fairly well versed in German and I know that a lot of terminology in Hebrew grammars is pulled from German grammars (e.g. the Piel being referred to as the D-stem (Doppelstamm). And I also know that most kids in classes,when they came to "waw," didn't understand that it came from German as well and just called it "wow" rather than "vav".
It's funny how many little things that occured in the past can bring to light something that occurs years down the road. Had you not had that experience you may never have made the connection.

Now then, since I've admitted one pet peeve, let me just throw out another one, only this one is really important. In fact, I may have to get an internet petition started on this one. To wit:

We should quit calling it the "bald" eagle. Rather, it should be called the "crowned" eagle. It's too majestic a bird to be called a "bald" eagle, and I happen to know for a fact that not one of them birds would like being called that if they could speak English.

It is "crowned" eagle. That's the only word befitting such a majestic bird's piercing demeanor.

And for those of you that are bald, and who like to say, "Bald is beautiful!" Well, have at it. Say it all day long if you want to...

Just leave it off of my Crowned Eagles.