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    I usually like to release stuff on the BibleWorks blog only when it meets my level of perfection, but I've finally decided that if I did that I would never release some of the stuff I have, so I'm putting out a few items this week that, while they're not tweaked as good as I think they could be, I simply don't have the time to edit them into better condition. Once the files are out there, perhaps someone else can or perhaps they're still useful even in their present shape, I guess that's up to you.

    So here are some of the releases so far:

    Walther's Law and Gospel

    Moulton's A Grammar of New Testament Greek

    Deissmann's Bible Studies

    Trench's Synonyms of the New Testament

    Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar

    Gildersleeve and Lodge's Latin Grammar

    Shakespeare's Works
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