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Hey Lee,

I can absolutely confirm for you that HP does NOT have US based support. It is outsourced to the Asia and the Philippines, etc. No aspersions on those countries, but it is very hard to understand and communicate with the support reps and/with their HEAVY accents. Call quality is not good either. The other thing I've found is that it takes them forever to determine that you have a warranty and support plan. I've been on the phone sometimes for a good half an hour before they were able to locate me in their system. And Scott, yes, every HP laptop I've ever had - and HP desktop too! - has had an Intel chip. For reasons beyond my comprehension, I have just not had good experiences with HP, neither with the hardware, nor with the support. And their printers, supposedly the core engine of their business, forget about it! They have been just dreadful for me. Three different HP All-in-one printers over the last ten years and all of them have been problematic in one way or another. In fact, not long ago, HP lost a class action suit that several plaintiffs launched against their printers. The lawsuit alleged that HP printers would alert their users that they were low on ink prematurely and would stop working. The lawsuit charges were upheld in court and HP was ordered to make restitution to those customers that were part of the class action suit. I didn't join in - I'm not the "class action-type" - but I can vouch from my own personal experience, as to the veracity of the charges. To sum up, I am not really the complaining type - I'm generally pretty easy to please. But my experience with HP has not been very good. And I have bought 1 desktop, three laptops, and 5 printers from them over the years. No more. My next purchase will be from a competitor. No axe to grind; I'm just tired of all the headaches and problems.
I agree with you about the printers to a degree. I have been buying HP printers for ever, but this last time I bought the Samsung Color laser printer, which was cheaper and has more capabilities than the HP in the same class. I don't know if HP has an advantage in their top-end printers, but they certainly don't in my class.

With regard to HP support, while I've never called them on the phone, I have used Live Chat a few times with them, and I've always been able to get the issue resolved or the question answered. But other than the desktop without a Intel chip, I have never had any major issues.

All I can figure is, you must have cursed HP sometimes in the past without knowing it!