I haven't followed Windows 8 stuff closely, but I have seen a few snippets about on blogs here and there. What I can't tell yet is whether Microsoft intends Windows 8 to work both on regular PCs and mobile devices. Obviously it will work on netbooks and the like, but is it also going to be available for smart phones or will that have a different operating system? If so, it's quite possible that with Windows 8, there no longer is a need to write a new app version of BibleWorks. If people are running Windows 8, no matter what device they have, it can run normal Windows programs.

Obviously it seems this is where the trend is going: Mac OS and iOS are becoming more and more alike. I just am not sure whether Windows 8 is supposed to be just like Mac OS Lion and iOS (i.e. they're much more similar and Lion has taken features from iOS), or whether it will arrive at the next step where there aren't two operating systems, just one.