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    Default Henry Alford - The Greek Testament

    07/17/2008 Pasquale wrote:

    Quote Originally Posted by pasquale View Post
    I am building 6 greek bible: Griesbach, Lachman, Tregelles, Alford, Wordsworth and Scoltz with "version database compiler".
    I have finished Matthew 1:1-25:

    after three years of hard work .....

    Alford's Greek Testament release 1.1 "version" (OCR scanned images from pdf files, compiled in BibleWorks) - Proofreading is in progress.

    per Michael Hanel, please insert it in BibleWorks blog.


    Updated 09/24/2011

    1) Matthew and Mark proofreaded;
    2) A new wmf file compiled by Mark Eddy - Thanks Mark;
    3) Corrected some mistakes in punctuation in Acts and letter.

    Updated 10/24/2011
    1) Release 2 - all books proofreaded twice;
    2) a New vmf file.
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