It's probably right in front of me (as was the last thing I had a question about!) but I don't see the place to make feature requests; that is, not a bug issue but a request for a feature to either work differently than it does now or for a feature that does not currently request. Is there such a specific Forum?

At any rate, to begin with, I'm thankful for such a great program! When I think of the saints that have come before us, I'm shamed by their diligence and productivity given the lack of tools they possessed relative to what we have in just one bible program like this! I appreciate that the BW folks are not just "out to make a buck" (not that it is wrong in any way to make money from selling this software) but that they consider it also a help to the church. This is super encouraging to me.

So, I'm out to discipline myself to take as full advantage of BW and other study tools to the best of my capability. I'm really enjoying learning to use the program better as I've now embarked on a teaching stint for my adult Sunday School. I've made a deal with myself that I will not upgrade to BW 9 until I've mastered the basics of BW 8. I have a tendency to want the latest, greatest shiny new thing without really considering if I truly need all those features (cool as they are). In the course of really trying to use the program, I've developed the following "nice to haves"

I'm interested in the following features/enhancements in no particular order other than that of my memory:
  1. Each window (of any kind generated by BW, e.g., Browse window, Lexicon window, etc., etc.) is dockable and can be snapped into a display (single or multi-monitory) along with other BW windows
  2. Ability to name the tabs in the search window
  3. Currently, I sometimes have trouble with windows acting in concert in ways I don't want. For example, I move the mouse to one window and another BW window jumps in front of it or I minimize one window and another 1 (or 2) minimize with it. Toggling "Make Desktop Window" doesn't seem to solve the unwanted behavior. The behavior of windows is not intuitive to me
  4. I wish my unlock codes were stored with my registered profile (not the profile here in the forums, obviously)
  5. I'm in my early 40s and the old eyesight thing has finally hit. I wish screen fonts in any window would be sizable using mouse scroll or some other mechanism other than having to go into options
  6. Option to automatically install all recommended updates
  7. BibleWorks on Windows Phone 7 (Ok, Ok, I'm getting greedy now, I admit!)
Things I appreciate about BW:
  1. Responsiveness of the staff. Called customer support the other day and the gentleman I talked with (at length!) was super helpful and friendly. I see the same in the forums
  2. On that note, the forums are great. Well-visited and tons of engaged, smart folks
  3. The updates capability and the FREQUENCY with which bug fixes/enhancements are produced
  4. The External Links Manager. This is a very powerful feature that enables some pretty cool scenarios.