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Thread: Netbook error new install of BW9

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    Default Netbook error new install of BW9

    Howdy gang.

    I installed BW9 on my cool new Acer Win7 Home Prem 64-bit netbook.

    First time I opened it, it was fine, but was the vanilla profile. I'd copied my personal configs, so I enabled the configuration mgr and reopened, choosing one of them. I got an error:

    "Could not restore default book name file (c:\program files (x86)\bibleworks 8\init\books.bna)."

    I notice the inexplicable ref to the wrong dir which, obviously, doesn't exist on this pc. Any way to fix that, or am I just hosed for these configs?

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    Hi Dan,

    If you are copying configuration files from previous installation, you might have to do some manual editing of ini files to point the program to the proper folders. I suggest making copies of the ini files before making any changes to them.

    I suggest opening all *.ini files in Notepad and changing any paths that do not correspond to your present installation. If you are copying the ini files from BW8 installation, you might have to compare the old and new files and make the necessary changes to the new bw9 files instead of using the old ones. (You might want to use something like WinDiff to find where the files differ. The program is free and works very well. The comparison features in Notepad++, a really nice free text editor, should work, too.)

    If this does not work, then you might have to contact Customer Service, though we might be delayed a bit because of Hurricane Irene. I'lll try to monitor the forums a bit to offer what help I can.

    Glenn Weaver

    For technical support, please contact Customer Support.

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