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    I understand that launching new products can be hectic. However, one's patience is bound to wear out if one has to wait a couple of weeks to get a simple issue fixed.
    I had issues activating BW8 on my new laptop. I contacted BW and it took a week to get an answer and a notice that my issue with activation "had been fixed".
    However, the issue has not been fixed and I was still not able to active online.
    Rather than waiting at least another week to get an answer, I decided to upgrade to BW9. Even though I am using a competitor that does a lot of the things I use BW for, I have been a BW user for a decade and I wanted to continue to show support for an outstanding and fast product. I figured out that upgrading would solve my problem faster than waiting another week for a response from customer support.

    As I suspected, BW9 arrived faster than the answers related to BW8 (It was however too late to take it with me on my trip).

    However, my troubles did not end there, I cannot finish the install of BW9 because I do not have the activation code, No insert with the activation code was included in the box, only an insert with advertising for the Comon English Bible was included along with an invoice.

    I am still waiting for a response to my BW8 issue and I cannot activate BW9 (I am not really excited at the prospect of having to wait a week or more to get an anwer(not necessary the solution) regarding the activation of BW9

    Someone dropped the ball somewhere, a product should be launched with direct phone service (not voice mail) or at least nearly immediate email responses.

    This is one of the worst customer support experience I ever had (waiting a week or more to get an answer is simply unacceptable and I am thinking about returning the product).


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    Default Module activation

    I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. In case you haven't figured it out your BW8 module lack of activation carries over to BW9. Because license holders want guarantees that they're getting their royalties and because BW users have "shared" (read "pirated") modules, BW had to implement activation. After a certain number of activations for a given code, the activation system decides the maximum has been reached. It could be after so many re-installs on the same computer. (Hopefully not someone "sharing" it with yet another friend.) But the system has to make a decision to reject additional activations. I think you can understand that.

    Since you've stated that you're a long time user, do you remember when module codes came by snail mail on cards? Those cards said, "Do NOT lose this code." Move forward a few years, and now BW has a user account and they have recent activiation codes linked to that. If you have BW8, all the codes should have been updated and now registered to the serial number/you. But it doesn't hurt to make sure when you get in contact with BW support.

    I received an email around the time of shipment that had the BW9 codes further down in the email. It wouldn't hurt to have that at hand either.

    Then, yes, you'll have to contact customer service. Armed with the right information, it should make it quicker for you and them.
    (To read of several others' same plight see: )

    Also, remember importuning works.

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    Just to add a little to Greg's answer. You should have received the activation code[s] in an e-mail from BW. If you can find that e-mail, just copy any codes there to the Windows clipboard, and then open the BW9 activation window. All the codes will automatically appear in that window, and you can activate them with just a click (assuming that you are online).
    Greg also explained the most common reason for activation problems. If you had to re-install BW man times, the codes stop working.
    I'm sure everyone at BW is sorry about your frustration. Since Tech support takes a sabbath, reqests for help pile up over a weekend, and that puts them behind. If you try re-submitting your request, it may help. They might have mistakenly deleted the first one.
    Anyone can always return BW within the first 30 days after purchase for a full refund. But I think in the long term you will be happier if you keep the upgrade and pray for patience to get through this frustrating time.
    God bless!
    Mark Eddy

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    I appreciate your desire to help but it appears that you have largely misunderstood the nature of my frustration. I understand and agree with the need to limit the number of activations. In a former life, I dealt with software and IT and I am generally my own customer support. From a business perspective, it would be suicide not to restrict illegitimate uses of the software. My issue is not with the need to activate or even the fact that I have to contact BW for it, it is with the time it takes for activation issues to be resolved. I contacted BW two weeks ago when I needed my BW8 copy activated and the issue resolved last week before my trip (it did not happen and the issue is still not resolved).

    I appreciate the fact that activation codes are linked to user accounts and that emails are sent with activation codes. However, I got my email address wrong by one letter when I placed the order. As a result, I did not receive a confirmation email or another email when the product shipped. After noticing the mistake a few minute after placing the order, I contacted BW online to alert them of my mistake and request that my new order be linked to my account (I anticipated the fact that BW9 might not be linked to my account sole based on entering BHW8 codes while making the purchase and that I might not receive the activation codes by email if sent that way). I do not understand why BW does not follow the common practice of requiring upgrade users to log in to their current account and place the order using their log in credentials and information and therefore link the purchase and associate code to an already existing account. This would solve a lot of issues including mine. I contacted BW above the above a week ago and I have not heard back from them since then. I am sure that this could be fixed in less than 5 minutes, but for that to happen customer support must get to my request first. Here again the issue is the delay between my request and the response.

    I have all my previous activation codes saved and backed up on my home server. The issue is not about me having the right information or failure to provide it, it is solely about the time it takes to get a response and the lack of alternative ways of doing it myself (it would be nice if I could retrieve my BW9 activation codes myself based on items like customer or order number, my BW8 activation code or any other kind of information that I could provide).

    Thanks anyway.
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    I am terrible sorry to hear of your frustration...
    unfortunately the forums is generally populated by users rather than by tech support.
    There, really isn't much that we normal users can do to help other than listen and offer some condolences.

    When, or if you do contact tech support again make sure to Send them your:

    1. BibleWorks8 Activation code(or whatever your pervious version was)
    2. You BW user account-name (not your forums account)
    3. The exact date and time when you submitted you order for Bibleworks9
    4. You correct e-mail address as well as well as the incorrect one you entered.

    This will insure that they can make a correct identification of you and your account.
    Also, like mentioned above it is better to avoid sending e-mails late Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday.

    Grace and Peace
    Brian K. Mitchell
    חפשו בתורה היטב ואל תסתמכו על דברי

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    Default Apology

    Please forgive those of us in BibleWorks Customer Support for causing the frustration you experienced. The support you received was not adequate and is far below the standard we normally achieve. We will contact you today to ensure we are addressing your concerns to your satisfaction. Rick Gross, BibleWorks Customer Support

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    I was contacted by email then by phone yesterday.
    With the codes in my possession, I was able to complete the installation and enjoy BW9 without an hitch.

    I am glad that this issue has been resolved and I will remain a BW customer as I cannot imagine doing bible study without it.

    It also helps that customer service was effective and humble in addressing my complaints.

    Thanks to All

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