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Thread: Bible Works 9 works with Apple computers

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    Default Bible Works 9 works with Apple computers


    I just bought Bible Works 9 but didnt think to check if it works with Apple Computers, do they?


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    Default BibleWorks on a Mac

    BibleWork will run on a Mac with an emulator. See this link:
    We have a fair number of users on this forum who run on a Mac and they can tell you how well it works.
    If this solution won't work for you you can get a refund. Just call BibleWorks and tell them you want a refund.


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    Don't use Parallels. The shift key will not work as you expect. Both BW and Parallels have known about this for a while. VirtualBox works, but you won't get the transparent "Coherence" mode that Parallels offers. I've not tried it with VMWare Fusion. I have tried it with Wine. Just don't.

    BTW - all my testing was with BW8, but I'm sure BW9 will have similar results.
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    Default VMWare Fusion works great!

    BibleWorks 9 (and 8) works great with VMWare Fusion. Shift key works, too. :-)


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