I've observed that not all letters are being copied and carried over into another text document when I try to copy text from BibleWorks Russian Bible. It seems to have an issue with at least two Russian letters: "Я" and "Ю" - they are not being represented by any symbol and just appear missing empty spaces.

If the letter is in the middle of the word, it is obvious that it is missing and also is pretty obvious which exactly letter it is. But if it is a letter in the ending of the word - that is tricky and no everyone, even native Russian speaker can pick up on it.

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing such a problem. Please respond. It is a pain to have to fix the text. I am doing a lot of work with BibleWorks Russian text and it needs to be fixed.

This is an example of what I am talking about:

"Земл же была безвидна и пуста, и тьма над бездно , и Дух Божий носилс над водо ." (Gen 1:1) - copied from BibleWorks 9

The correct text should be:

"Земля же была безвидна и пуста, и тьма над бездною, и Дух Божий носился над водою."