Within the last couple days I've upgraded from OSX Snow Leopard to Lion and also purchased and installed Windows 7 on Parallels 6. I can't imagine that the OSX upgrade is the culprit but who knows. Anyway, when I put the BibleWorks 8 disc in my DVD drive I hear it run in the drive, the "Run setup.exe" box comes up and once I click on the link, the disc makes no more noise. The "Install/Reconfigure" screen comes up but when I click on that, the window disappears, I hear nothing more from the disc drive, and nothing happens after that. I've tried many times to reload the disc into the system with no luck. I have no idea what's happening. Do I need a replacement disc? Do I need to install a driver that I'm missing? I'm fairly new to the Mac and Parallels world so any help would be wonderful. Thanks!

Oh, and I should also mention that I've had this installed before on a PC so this is the second time around installing this and it worked fine the first time.