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And more importantly, you did trash dispensationalism because you said (of Bullinger), and I quote, "his talent was wasted by his diversion into dispensationalism."
I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt. But my post was directed at the Original Poster, and was not about dispensationalism. It was about Bullinger. The question was about the Companion Bible.

Bullinger was a scholar who had considerable talent. His other works such as his Critical Lexicon and as I mentioned in the previous post, "Figures of speech", are considered his greatest works. The Companion Bible along with his Commentary on Revelation have been considered by most (dispensationalists included, maybe even ESPECIALLY dispensationalists) to be of lessor value, for obvious reasons. This is what I was referring to as his "diversion".

This is what I had intended to convey in my original post. Maybe my choice of words was less than perfect, but my point was (and still is) accurate.