I was looking at the Early Christian Writings website and specifically Philo. I know that someone has put this on E-sword, but is there any interest in getting some of this stuff on BW?

The other question then would have to do with format. Is there a good way to incorporate this into BW? I'll claim ignorance (i haven't looked into this at all), but i see at least three divisions, and I dont know of a way that they'd work in Bible works.

1. Work title. E.g. On the Creation. Ok this works easy as a Book name, like how Josephus' Jewish Antiquities fits in under the Josephus version.
2. Roman numerals within the work (I honestly don't know what the significance is). So would these fill book chapter number slot?? I'd think that's okay except,
3. Arabic numerals. If we did these as verse numbers, they would reset within each chapter correct? Problem being, what happens when section II. has its first number begin with 7.?

One could incorporate the text rather easily by ignoring these divisions, but i figured if someone does the work to make it, might as well have the standard reference divisions maintained. This would also help if some day the Greek text was available to Philo for use as well.

Michael Hanel
MDiv Student Concordia Seminary
MA Classics Student Washington University