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Always love the new versions, and consider the upgrade great value for price. This is no exception...
Now if we can just get the same level of text-critical tools for the real Bible--you know the one to which they've appended that thin, though inspired, commentary in Greek. It's making me hungry for the same resources for the Tanakh.
It, would be great to have something like The Leningrad Codex: A Facsimile Edition available in BW MSS project. In my opinion this would be even better than having the DeadSea scrolls, being that most modern translations and the BHS are based on the Leningrad.

Take a look at the older photo-facsimile found at Wikimedia:

And, Seforim online:

However, as it stands I firmly believe that BibleWorks has become the tool; no serious Minister, NT scholar, Exegete, or Textual critic can afford to be without.