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I received BibleWorks 9 last evening. I installed it immediately and have been enjoying it ever since. Not sure what the controversy about the icons was. The new ones are much better. I do however miss my favorite splash screen at 6:00 pm that was on BW8.
If you look closer at the icons, you'll see what all of the fuss was about. The icons are very poor quality, considering the software is very good. You'll see that several of the icons are jagged, have white background instead of transparency, are not sharp looking, etc. Each icon actually has a separate problem/issue. Actually, as far as clarity, the older icons are better. They're just simpler and smaller, but not poor quality.

Having said that, I absolutely love the BibleWorks 9 program icon (the one you click on to start the program). It is very beautiful/attractive and high quality. This is, by the way, one of the reasons I was so shocked by the poor quality of the program's interface icons. The splash images are also very nice. It is yet another reason to be shocked by the high contrast in the (lack of) quality (in the) interface icons.

The program itself is excellent and I am obviously happy that I purchased the software. But, like roshka, it is hard to "show off" the program with such ugly icons.