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  • They don't matter to me. I just focus on the text, ha ha ha.

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  • They are ugly and distracting

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  • I paid good money for this program! Replace the icons!

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  • I have no opinion

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  • Christian software doesn't have to be as good of quality as what the world puts out.

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Thread: BibleWorks 9 - Icons - Horrible Quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBushell View Post
    For what it is worth, the icons were passed by a lot of people before release and they were universally liked. Also for what it is worth the buttons are commercially developed designs which we modified slightly in a few cases. I personally think they are a big improvement. You certainly have a right to dislike them. But I think the majority of our users will disagree and a few (like me) will find your sarcasm more than a little off-putting. We welcome suggestions and criticism when it is offered with a little Christ-like humility and an obvious desire to be helpful. Input that is lacking those qualities is still processed, but not taken very seriously.


    I certainly didn't take the poll seriously, as the tone was clearly mockery. I don't want to get into a flame war, but this poll was out of line and in no way contributes to a healthy discussion about things that people may find problematic with the product.

    Hopefully it was meant to be a joke. If not, I say delete the thread.

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