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Thread: BibleWorks 9 - Icons - Horrible Quality

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    Default BibleWorks 9 - Icons - Horrible Quality

    First, let me say, I am a fan of BibleWorks. I purchased version 8 and just received version 9. While the icons in version 8 were simplistic maybe, they were not looking ugly, as in version 9. Version 9's icons are extremely poor quality and UGLY. I can only hope that in an update - shortly to follow - that the icons will be replaced! Common guys, can't you pay a professional to make you high quality icons?! Afterall, you are selling software! I am sure a few hundred dollars would be enough to get a good set of icons! Why do you want to turn people off from using the program? I can barely look at it, because of these ugly buttons to click!

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    Clearly we're not going to agree since I don't think the buttons are horrendous. Maybe I'll be in the minority, who knows.

    Aside from your campaign to get BibleWorks to change the buttons you have a couple of other options. In the View menu, you can uncheck the Show Main Toolbar under the Toolbar item, or you can revert to the classic toolbar if the new ones prove too much for you to handle.
    Michael Hanel
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    I'm sorry, but your "poll" is biased to only one conclusion - that the icons are bad.

    The poll does allow for mockery, rejection, and a lack of opinion, but not for anything positive.

    Personally, I have not ordered BW9 (well, not yet anyway!) but from looking at the setup onthe website I feel that the icons are a definite improvement over BW8.Unfortunately, your "poll" does not allow this response option.

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    Default The positive response

    @jimofbentley - The positive response, while admittedly sarcastic is, "They don't matter to me. I just focus on the text, ha ha ha."

    @Michael Hanel - The point is, these are the default icons that display when you start the program and they are absolutely ugly. They are worse than version 8. And I would have thought, after almost three years of waiting on the new version to come out, they would have at least worked on the interface more and used professional icons.

    Furthermore, there are lots of sites out there that offer free or open source icons that would cost very little, as far as license to use in the program. But, I am confident - since I know designers - that these icons could have been made for very little money.

    Name:  BibleWorks_9_Interface_Icons.png
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    Make sure to view the attached print screen fully, not just as it appears in the post here. Right click and chose to view the image or download it. Make sure to use your options to zoom in to 100%.

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    I really like the new icons. For me they're easier on the eyes than the V8 one's. They're bigger and more detailed. I guess this is just an opinion thing.

    I vote to leave em they way they are. They're perfect!

    David Spear
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    Quote Originally Posted by calvary View Post
    I really like the new icons. For me they're easier on the eyes than the V8 one's. They're bigger and more detailed. I guess this is just an opinion thing.

    I vote to leave em they way they are. They're perfect!

    I have to fully agree with Dave. I think the new icons are great!


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    Thumbs up Icons improved

    I think the icons are improved over BW8. They are more intuitive, IMHO. The color scheme does change the screen.

    No poll category seems appropriate. I will refrain from the poll.

    (I won't go into my opinion about icon "improvements" from software giants.

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    Default Icons

    The poll stinks, because it only invites useless mockery; the icons are good. I especially like that BW has made the function of each icon more graphically apparent than they were in earlier versions (e.g., a key for keywords in context, scales for comparing texts, etc.).

    Dale A. Brueggemann

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    I think the icons for BW9 are an improvement over the icons of BW8. Some will take a little getting used to what they do, but that is true for anything new. I am really enjoying this new version, especially the fourth column. Great work BW staff.

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    If you feel that you would be and am ashamed to open the program in front of an unbeliever, I would suggest that you use another program, maybe a free one or you could return BW9 and purchase one in which the icons are more aesthetically pleasing. BibleWorks has a generous refund policy.

    "BibleWorks products (the base package, add-on modules, etc.) may be returned for refund within the first 30 days if obtained directly from BibleWorks"
    (quoted from the BibleWorks Knowledge base)

    Incidentally, I like the icons and I am not employed by Bibleworks, just a BW user since version 3.5.

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