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Thread: Order and Shipment Procedure of BW9 Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hanel View Post
    If you do searches for past releases, pretty much the same type of thing always happens during the first couple weeks of release. The office is busy catching up on pre-orders and what not and trying to get shipping caught up as soon as possible, so that they don't always get all of that stuff updated quick enough. I'm also told that they are big on helping users develop patience I would say if your credit card bill has been charged you should only be a day or two away (depending on the luck of the postal delivery system). I still haven't received my official release version, and generally beta-testers are last on the priority list to receive the final product, so I would say they're still playing catch-up.
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    Default BW9 install problem


    BW9 causes an install problem on my machine. When the installation is almost finished, suddenly the following message pops up and the program cannot be opened:

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    (Win XP; Sp2 ; plenty of harddisk space.)
    Have the support team asked for help.

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    Roel--I've contacted you via email...


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