See I'm glad I asked because I didn't know about those sites. It seems like there are only two real issues. 1) Figuring out what the source is of the text on those sites and 2) getting permission to use the texts from them. While I do have a French reading knowledge, I certainly don't know any Russian, so contacting these people is a bit difficult. One could use them and simply "trust" that they are okay, but that really hasn't been how we've done things in the past. We generally assume things are not legit until we know different. It might be possible that we make exception and try this stuff out, but there are two things to keep in mind, a) we don't want to get BibleWorks as a company dragged through the mud because of copyright violations (even though these are user-projects) and b) we don't personally want to get ourselves dragged through the mud either, because that's not a lot of fun.

So, I'll look into this stuff, but no promises on my end. But I'm definitely glad you pointed them out. I was not aware there was so much stuff out there!