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Thread: How do I copy and paste paragraph text with full book names?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learn with Graffix View Post
    Michael,'re saying that after purchasing what I suppose is the premiere Bible program, I have to now type in the names of the 66 books of the Bible if I want those names to be in references? Huh? (I think I found in a post a user who said he did that and still couldn't get the books to export as he wished!)
    There MUST be some way! (If the only way is to make a file of those names, and if that really worked, the BW folks surely would already have such a file.) I have looked through what I thought were the various options, but just cannot seem to find the setting.
    Any other ideas?
    Sarcasm or not, all I'm telling you is that my method works (at the end, do make sure "use user-defined book names" is checked). If Lee's method works, that's fine too. But you wanted a solution and I gave you one. I hope you find a better one, but I can only tell you what I know.

    I've even made the file for you. Unzip the file to you \init\ folder. Just be sure to go to the Options and open fullbooks.bna as your book name database.
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