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Thread: Methods the devil uses to destroy Morality

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    Default Methods the devil uses to destroy Morality

    Methods the devil uses to destroy Morality:

    1) One of the biggest and most effective corruptions of the US has to be rock-n-roll music that has permeated our society, every other form of music, and now even the churches (of all things!). It has inspired much crime, murders, sin, rebellion, treason, drugs, fornication, suicide, and forsaking God to serve the devil and his demons; and yet the nation loves it (and all of the above has been carefully documented)! How in the world can a believer (who calls himself a Christian) take Christian lyrics and add Rock-N-roll music (which is of the devil) and then pretend he is worshipping and glorifying the Lord? Yes, God shows mercy and grace when his people shame and blaspheme his name in this way, but He is calling all true born-again saints in these last days to repent and come out of the world and be separate! God’s music comes from the Spirit, from those zealously waiting upon and seeking God. God gives them new fresh songs from the Spirit of God that glorify him, not the devil or man’s flesh!

    2) Another very effective tool is to load the nation with heathenism through massive legal immigration in order to destroy True Christianity of our forefathers as well as load the nation with a heavy economic burden, unfairness, hate, crime, Socialism, and disease of illegals and make our borders unsafe for the smuggling of terrorists and nuclear and plague devices. Our leaders our flooding our nation with a tidal wave of legal immigrants who they grant citizenship after they brainwash them with a socialistic interpretation of the constitution and without requiring them to adopt to our American culture, customs, religion , or American ways. The founding immigrants would roll over in their graves if they saw the caliper of immigrants today! Nor would they be so foolish to give their country away to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that crosses their boarders! They had enough sense to know that enough is enough and that you have to cut off immigration at a certain point and preserve your country for you children and children’s children and not give it away to those who refuse to be one with you. No nation in the world floods their country with immigrants, especially if they do not adopt their religion, culture, or customs, attitudes, and way of life. That would be suicide as they would become powerful enough to change their customs, religion, and way of life - the very thing that is happening to America right now! But God will turn this into another triumph for many of them will get saved and come into the Christianity as God rises up in the Lord’s day and reaps a huge harvest of souls through his man child ministers.

    3) And another effective tool to destroy this country and morality has to be the barrage of hate, violence, immorality, fighting, lies, socialism, liberalism, fantasy, etc. seen on TV, the news, and movies. Keep America from reading and continually educating itself and lull them to sleep with TV, movies, and sports so they don’t even know what is going on in their own country and don’t even care! Keep them from church and glued to the TV and let them sleep on as their nation is taken over from within till they wake up and find they lost their nation to some form of a New World Order under the dictates of the UN with some one world ruler in charge, having lost all their economic, political, and religious freedoms.

    God is NOT moving in American like he is moving in other countries were miracles are happening – healing, miracle provisions, deliverances, and even raising saints form the dead! Yes, this is happening world wide were there is severe persecution of the saints; get ready for persecution is coming in a furry to America! God wants to wake up His sleepy and dying church and bring revival to America! God wants to perfect his church in these last days and will use the harshness of world government to motivate us to really seek him, pray, repent, love Him, Jesus Christ, one another, and move out for God, and open up to Bible truth like never before? The Nation will surely fall as we know it, and we shall live under scarily difficult and perilous times under a world government. But those who seek God and cry out to him, God will rescue and bring together and move upon them to win the world for Christ; and we shall bring a death blow to the 7th head world government and reap a mighty harvest for Christ. Get prepared, study hard, and most of all, repent, pray, and seek God.

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