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Thread: Accent Searching in conjuction with Vowel point patterns.

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    Default Accent Searching in conjuction with Vowel point patterns.

    The Graphical Search Engine (GSE) is a powerful search engine that can perform many searches that cannot be done on the Command Line.” For, example with the GSE it is possible to search the Hebrew Bible for words particular vowel patterns in conjunction with specific accents without defining the consonants.

    (Warning: you may need to have the Bwhebb font to read some of these examples)
    Recently, an acquaintance of mine wanted to search for every occurrence in the Hebrew Bible where there is:

    the alephs stand in place of any character וְאָאַאְתִּי֙

    Waw+Shwa, Qamats(under any consonant), Patach( under any consonant), Shwa (under any consonant),Taw with a Dagesh and Hiriq Gadol (plus) a Yod with a Pashta accent.

    1.Open the GSE
    2.Select JDP as your search version
    3.Make sure both accents an vowels are enabled on the status bar
    4.Double click on the word box, to view the Word Box options
    6.On the left side, under "search method" you will notice a box labeled word and on labeled morph.
    7. In the word box type an asterisk "*"
    8. In the morph box enter the accent codes like this @*Jc*
    9.On the right side, under Options there is a text box labeled
    "Match the following spec in the WTT"
    10. In the text box type:
    INS-Key 1 for µ (wild card box)
    11. and type the Hebrew according to BibleWorks Keyboard your result should look thus'


    (notice there is not an accent on the final yod in the word. That is because we have already indicated the accent by typing in the code in the morph box. Your search results will show up with an accents. So, do not worry.)
    12. Once, again check that you have Vowel point sensitive searching turned on.
    13.Click on Ok, the word box option window should close.
    14.Then Click the Green Go button
    15. If your query was successful, it will have resulted in 14 hits.

    Although, I used the JDP it is also possible to use the WTM as well. Please, note though that (1)the accents are different (2)The WTM has codes which enable it to differentiate between hits in this list of 14 that had methegs and those without them. When I first tried the seach on the WTM I only got 4 hits because it only found those with methegs and ignored the other 10 without them.

    Here is a screen shot:
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