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I think a better question to ask is: what was/is Scott trying to address?
I will try to answer this; I think
Joe Schloe has made an appearance anytime the forums experience:

The 'Hit and Run' Troll phenomenon

People looking for a place to argue or debate search for the word 'Bible' and logically 'BibleWorks' comes up somewhere near the top of their search hits. Then they show up on these forums with their own theological agendas that are usually not relevant to BibleWorks. I personally find it to be annoying.

Of course there are times when people who sincerely have questions and/or looking for help do visit the forums thinking that it is something like the 'Bible Answer man' online.
I am sure most of the regular members here can discern the difference between a troll and seeker/inquirer.
It's amazing how many of these are first time posters (1 Troll : 1 Post). Even when we give the benefit of the doubt in some cases and pony up legitimate help, trolls never come back with a thanks. They've already run off.