What I am doing, is not trusting any humans. check out ISA 2:22 .
I am also considering if all bibles might be affected by antichrist, considering he governs this world now.

How do you all know if the "printed edition" would be any way near correct to the inspired texts (where the originals don't exist anymore). Consider that antichrist also control the company printing the bibles, even the company making newer translation. ASV as named above here is just another example that have lots of such errors, where things are completely changed in meaning, and have things removed just as well.

My point was that i was looking for the truth, and i also wanted to point out these companies. Wich also could be just the same as holding the "original copy of kjv" if it even exists anymore ?
Do someone here for example trust textus receptus ?

Let us trust in God to teach us the way, and look for truth!. (see 1jo 2:27)

Let us join in what really counts, to be with truth instead of the silly human tradition/lies.

May God/Jesus guide us toward the truth/Jesus. Amen

Remember also, antichrist wants us to be occupied with pitty matters, and try to distract us.