Hi, folks--

I've spent a good deal of time learning Hebrew, and am now on to my second semester of Greek. Whenever I see a Greek word with the same English definitions/glosses that I saw for a given Hebrew word, I wonder... does this Greek word correspond to that given Hebrew word? And if so, wouldn't it be great if I could better learn both Greek and Hebrew at once by having some way of taking a Greek word and aligning it with its Hebrew equivalent (as in the LXX) and the English?

I know about Tov's database in BibleWorks and love it. What I'd love even more, however, is a sort of consolidated "Vocabulary Guide" to the LXX that has all the words occurring in the LXX more than 50 times, for example, with both their Hebrew equivalents and English meanings.

(I'm aware that a given Hebrew word doesn't always get translated into Greek in the LXX the same way every time... maybe this would complicate the matter too much?)

Does anyone know of such a resource? Rodney Decker's Koine Greek Reader has a neat little LXX Vocab guide in the back, with just English glosses. If something like what I'm asking about doesn't exist, how difficult would it be for someone to create it from what is already in the Tov database and BibleWorks?

Many thanks!

Abram K-J